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Concept Comparison and Analysis Theories Paper

Theresa Waack



Concept Comparison and Analysis Theories

Core concepts can be defined as the main components of any theory on which the theory can be formulated or a model can be designed. There are certain concepts which help in the development of nursing theories. There are theories and models developed by different theorists but all of them have same core concepts. The aim of this assignment is to identify a core concept that is common to two or more contemporary nursing theories. Further we have compared and analyzed the concept definitions among the selected theories. After that, we have chosen one theory and discussed where and how it may be best applied to nursing practice. The core concept selected for the purpose of this assignment is obesity while the nursing models selected are Orem’s Self Care Deficit Nursing Theory and Pender’s Health Promotion Model.

Obesity in adults is one of the most serious problems of United States. According to a research, nearly 127m Americans are indulged in this disease, i.e. they are overweight. Due to obesity problem, Americans face at least 300,000 deaths each year. (Wilson & Kershaw 2003) Additionally, the cost of healthcare associated with obesity is approximately $100b. (Williams 2001) Most of the nurses who are related to healthcare are facing serious problems due to increased number of patients of adult obesity. In this assignment, we have analyzed the problem of obesity from the perspective of Dorothea Orem and Nola Pender’s models.

“The role of obesity in the etiology of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease is well established. Obesity is also recognized as a major risk factor in the development of many other diseases, such as gastro esophageal reflux, arthritis of weight-bearing joints, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancer” (Wang 2001). Obesity is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Nurses caring for obese patients should recognize the need to use specialized assessment and management strategies to prevent poor patient outcomes.

The issues related to adult obesity and their application to nursing practice can best be analyzed and described with the help of Pender’s Health Promotion Model and Orem’s Self Care Deficit Nursing Theory. The analysis with the involvement of these models can provide a better goal setting for professional nursing practices related to adult obesity.

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