Psychology / “Why Is The Initial Consultation So Important? What Factors Will An Ethical Therapist Cover At This Time?”

“Why Is The Initial Consultation So Important? What Factors Will An Ethical Therapist Cover At This Time?”

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“Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?”

The initial consultation is probably the most crucial aspect of Hypnotherapy. Everything from the interpersonal dynamics to the eventual success of the intervention has a basis in the first meeting between client and therapist. The client’s decision to remain engaged with the therapeutic process will be determined by factors from this early stage.

At the most basic level there are certain physical factors that are likely to play a role in a successful consultation. For example, a room that is suitably furnished (with two similar chairs for the talking part of the session and preferably a reclining chair for the hypnosis) a room that is quiet, comfortable and provides confidentiality. The exact details will be dependant on the therapist’s style, budget etc and the desires of the client. ( E.G, temperature, lighting, distance between client and therapist ECT).

However, obvious considerations are furniture that is adaptable to a range of positions and for a range of people, which offers a clear view of the client, a room that is welcoming and so on.

The next level for consideration is the initial contact between the therapist and the client. Here the knowledge and use of basic counselling skills are paramount. The client must feel that s/he is dealing with a professional who is genuinely interested in and accepting of their situation. The client needs to know that the therapist is listening and attending to them. The therapist can convey this to them in different ways using behaviour, body language, posture and speech. Throughout the process it is important to maintain these high standards, not only because it facilitates open and honest exchanges with the client, but also good communication skills which help to build rapport.

“All clients are entitled to good standards of practice and care from their practitioners in hypnotherapy. Good standards of practice and care require professional competence; good relationships with clients and colleagues; and commitment to and observance of professional ethics.” (1)

The skills that are considered important for therapists to have, for a successful consultant are:-

1) Greeting and identity check (shaking hands confidently and directing them to the chair you would like them to sit)

2) Introduction of self and role (whilst sitting next to the client or side o ...