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Analyze the information from the recruiting data and prepare a report showing the results of the analysis for your director.

1. Start by developing a recruitment guide like that shown in Table 5.3 in the textbook. Note that the current situation differs from the example provided in the book because there is no specific timeline for hiring; this is a continuous recruiting effort because even as positions are being filled, new positions are becoming available. It is also different because Tangle wood does not have a specific list of minimal educational requirements as qualifications

Position: Store Associate

Reports to: Shift Leader

Educational Qualifications: None

Relevant labor market: Regional Pacific Northwest

Timeline: Open continuously

Activities to undertake to source candidates:

Traditional media advertising

Request employee referrals

Utilize in store kiosks

Utilize state job service agencies

Utilize staffing agency

Staff members involved:

HR Recruiting Managers

Regional Store Managers

2. Describe the best “targets” for your recruiting efforts by considering the job and organizational context. Evaluate the various methods of recruiting in terms of whether they seem more like “open” or “targeted” recruiting, using the information in the book to help you make this decision. If some methods seem more “targeted,” whom do you think they target?

Traditional media advertising is an open recruiting method. Ads are placed in newspapers and journals, recorded and played on radio or TV and placed on the Internet as banners to attract a wide variety of job seekers.

Employee referral is an open and somewhat targeted recruiting method that is a valuable source for finding job applicants. Current Employees refer people that they know for consideration and this usually presents the company with a small pool of applicants that are a potentially better fit with the company. While this method is considered open recruiting it seems to target individuals that already have knowledge of the company’s culture having been informed by the referring current employee.

In store kiosks are an open, alternative and interactive recruiting method that allows applicants the opportunity to complete the entire application process electronically and provide applicants with information about the company and automatic test results without the use of the Internet.

State job service agencies are a targeted recruitment method aimed at available low to mid ...