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Strategic Management: Sugar Bun Case Studies

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The main objective of this paper is identifying, choosing and implementing activities that will enhance the long-term performance of Sugar Bun by setting direction, and by creating compatibility between the internal skills and resources of the organisation, and the changing external environment within which it operates.

To achieve this objective, this paper focused on performing industry framework analysis – Porter Five Forces to provide a simple perspective for assessing and analysing the competitive strength and position of a Sugar Bun.

Besides, SWOT analysis was used to understanding Sugar Bun’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to Sugar Bun and the Threats Sugar Bun faces. SWOT Analysis helps Sugar Bun to carve a sustainable niche in their market.

Before proposing strategic options for Sugar Bun, this paper looked into the current strategies employed by Sugar Bun to identify the strategic gap and potential development area to further enhance its business model to achieve competitive advantage.

At the end of this paper, three strategic options were proposed namely Benchmarking, Market Expansion and Differentiation Strategies to Sugar Bun to improve its performance and stay competitive in the industry.


Strategic Management is the term applied to describe those activities of an organisation that enable it to meet the challengers of a constantly changing environment (Viljoen & Dann, 2003).

Given its diverse roots, strategic management cannot be considered to have a single approach to problem solving. This paper is tried to understand the Sugar Bun business environment by using Porter Five Forces analysis and SWOT analysis technique to generate relevant information, decide future direction and implement these activities.

Good strategies are based on quality of information rather than guess works. Therefore, Porter Five Forces analysis and SWOT analysis are carefully implemented to assist strategic analyst to focus the thinking in a structured way and to make sense of diverse range of influences operating on and in the organisation.

Sugar Bun, a local fast food chain store that established 32 years was chose to be the subject of study. Sugar Bun was one of the popular local home brands in East Malaysia but due to the lacking of strategic management, its business was facing down turn in 2000s.

Although it recent comes back due to the group restructuring exercises and the ...